The Chip Franklin Show: August 2, 2019

Climate Denial and Eric Garner

Cipand Nikki discuss the dangers of the Trump administration’s continued climate denial. Also, the cop that killed Eric Garner in New York City is suspended, Chip and Nikki talk about whether he should be fired.

Bernie vs Warren

Chip and Nikki talk about who the real progressive candidate in the Democratic Primary, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

Hot Cars and Kid Deaths

The 25th kid has died in a hot car this summer. Chip and Nikki talk about what should be done to prevent such deaths. They take your calls.

Movies with Josh Board

Chip and Nikki talk to movie reviewer Josh Board about what’s worth seeing this week in theaters.

Trump’s Assault on the Press with Brian Karem

Chip and Nikki talk with Playboy White House Reporter Brian Karem about the Trump administration’s suspension of his press credentials.


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