Angie Coiro talks PG&E Woes & Mysteriously High Gas Prices

PG&E’s Priorities – Bonuses vs. Infrastructure

Angie Coiro fills in for John. The top executives at PG&E got their bonuses. Meanwhile thousands are without power due to hight winds, that many have yet to feel.

Mysteriously High Gas Prices / Is Silence Dead?

The last time you gassed up you may have seen higher prices. Guest, Severin Borenstein with the Haas School of Business at University of California Berkeley, says something’s not adding up. What’s behind the bump at the pump?

Then, Bianca Bosker, contributor to The Atlantic, shares her recent piece on how noise is more pervasive than ever, and the toll it’s taking on our lives and well-being.

Callers Share Their PG&E Woes

How folks are coping with the power outages, the wind, the lack thereof, and their frustrations during 24+ hours without electricity. Hear how they’re getting through, and how you can, too!


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