October 2: World Concern Donation Drive

A state of emergency has been declared in Somalia. As the drought in the country continues, a lack of food and clean water is costing children their lives, and countless others will lose their lives too unless there is a response. A similar drought in 2011 killed 260,000 people.

Your gift of $11 will provide one child with a month’s worth supply of emergency nutrition packets, which can completely restore a child’s health in 30 days. A triple matching grant will multiply your donation!

  • $55 will feed and save 5 children (triples to 15 children)
  • $110 will feed and save 10 children (triples to 30 children)
  • $275 will feed and save 25 children (triples to 75 children)
  • $550 will feed and save 50 children (triples to 150 children)
  • $1100 will feed and save 100 children (triples to 300 children)

Click here to start saving lives or call 888-998-9986.

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