Heather Hits the Streets

Heather Hits The Streets is a ‘man on the street’ style feature (though clearly, Heather is a woman) in which KGO’s Heather Hamann asks passers-by their thoughts on a myriad of questions. Sometimes serious, often times silly, Heather coaxes out the opinions, beliefs and thoughts of random strangers.

Heather began her career with the station producing the very popular Dr. Dean Show way back in 2000. It was consistently the top-rated program in its time slot.

She’s worn several different hats since then and now anchors PM Drive traffic for KGO; adding her sense of humor and love of a good party to Chip & Nikki’s show every weekday from 4-7 p.m. Heather also serves up all the drinks for the program’s “5 O’Clock Somewhere” segment!

She is a former midwesterner who really found her groove when she moved to California decades ago. Heather loves a party — attending as many festivals and shows as her budget and time allow. Yup, she’s ‘that kinda girl.’ She likes to think Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers wrote “American Girl” about her, but knows it’s about someone much nicer. Heather is currently single and loving it. When not at work, she’s probably either skating or at the beach. If it’s night, try the bar with a band – unless she’s cringing her way through another online date.

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