App Update: The gift-giving apps you need!

USA Today’s “Tech Show” host, founder and New York Times columnist Jennifer Jolly joined host Ronn Owens for their weekly feature on the latest and most popular apps.

This week KGO is celebrating Owens’ birthday(!) so, keeping with the theme, the app recommendations all (available for both iOS and Android) revolve around gift giving!

Here they are:

  • Drizzly: This app helps get the party started! Drizzly delivers beer, wine, liquor and all the extras needed for a fun party or special occasion within the hour! All you need to do is put in your credit card information for payment and license information to verify you are of age. Jolly test ran the app and delivered Owens’ favorite drink of choice right to the studio!
  • Giftogram: Giftogram lets you send actual presents without needing the recipient’s physical address. You only need one address, and that’s email! You can send gifts electronically ranging from $16 to hundreds of dollars, with the added bonus of the recipient being able to swap the gift out for a like-priced item before redeeming it if they aren’t a fan. Jolly curated a special custom and silly gift box for Owens.
  • Zeel: Zeel lets you order in-home massages on demand! You tell the app where you are, what kind of massage you’d like, and when you want it and Zeel finds and sends a certified background-checked masseuse over. Whether it’s a BFF’s birthday, an anniversary or you just need some relaxation, Zeel is perfect. Jolly went ahead and reserved a massage certificate for Owens!
  • Gametime: This app is perfect for nabbing last-minute tickets for the sports fan in your life! Gametime provides a curated list of sports, concerts, theater, and other potential live entertainment in your city. Once you have selected your event, the app looks through as many as 10,000 seats to offer up the best 50 options. Simply tap a few buttons and the ticket will be sent directly to your device. If plans change, don’t worry! In addition to buying tickets on the platform you can also turn them around and sell them if needed!
  • Gyft: Gyft makes it easy to send e-gift cards by email, text or Facebook message, so you can show up to the party empty-handed and still give the guest of honor something fabulous. Choose from more than 200 retailers (Starbucks, iTunes, Home Depot, Gap, Sports Authority… the list goes on), and send in seconds. Use the app as a virtual wallet for your own gift cards too! Jolly sent Owens a $50 iTunes giftcard for his birthday since she know’s he is a fan of tech! Now he can keep up on all the apps!
  • Keepsake: This app is for all our photographers! Keepsake allows you to snap a simple picture and transform it into a beautiful framed gift or even take it up a notch and put it on canvas. Jolly thought about this one ahead of time and sneakily snapped a picture of Ronn last week! His canvas photo will be arriving to the studio soon.

Listen to the full segment below for additional information.


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