How Facebook is helping small businesses, re-growing Napa’s grapes and a sea-to-table startup you need to know about!

Photo by jill111 on Pixabay

By Jason Middleton

It’s end-to-end business stories this week  — from bootstrappers to mature vineyards.

First up, if you have a small to medium-sized business, Facebook wants to help you out. (And, honestly, who better to help you max your ad spend, right?)

For our first segment, we interviewed Katherine Shappley, the director of Facebook North America’s Small Business Team. Ms. Shappley tells us how FB is providing digital training and support – tech and otherwise – for those smaller businesses who are looking to acquire new customers.

In the second segment, we talk with the co-owner of a vineyard that was lucky enough to survive the recent wildfires in Napa and Sonoma counties. Richard Chilton talks with us about some of his vineyard neighbors, and how long it may take for the region to recover from the soil-blistering blazes.

Chilton’s new book, “Adventures with Old Vines,” is a primer for people looking to learn more about wine. Especially people known as ‘Millennials’ (people often seen in the wild looking like ‘normal, but a little younger’ consumers).

And, for the record, Mr. Chilton is giving all of us – regardless of demographic – the permission to enjoy a crisp, white wine from a can. (Don’t be so judgy, okay??)

The final two segments are about two bootstrapping entrepreneurs who are trying to bring fresh, sustainable, traceable seafood to as many people as possible. Importantly — one does not need to subscribe to this sea-to-table service.

Fresh Catch is a start-up with a great story. As a matter of fact, this is one of our favorite stories of 2017!

Fresh Catch has partnered with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Initiative (IG & Twitter) and ethical fishermen like Guiseppe (Joe) Penisi, who is the captain of the “Pioneer” fishing vessel (his IG account is particularly good, btw).  

They are also partners with the Golden Gate Salmon Association. And, frankly, if you’ve enjoyed some local salmon in the past couple of decades, you can directly thank that organization for saving the species in the Bay Area.

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Have great weeks everybody!



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