Humans are no great shakes, so what species is next?

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By Jason Middleton

Not that long ago, maybe 200,000 years or so, there were several species of humans running around: Neanderthals, Upright Man, Homo Naledi, Flores Man, etc.

These humans could interbreed too, and that’s critical to this week’s topic of ‘What comes after Homo sapiens?’

We interview Dr Don Simborg for segment one. He has written a fascinating, well-researched and (mostly) accessible book on the topic titled, cleverly, “What Comes After Homo Sapiens?”

Honestly, the book blurb from Amazon is as succinct as it gets:

  • ​”T​he startling ​Simborg Hypothesis is that another human species will emerge in the next two centuries. Dr. Simborg notes that in our evolutionary history two or more human species coexisting is the norm rather than the exception. Furthermore, our tools to alter our genes, our environment, and our technology are unprecedented, and increasingly effective. Dr. Simborg is a physician, board certified in internal medicine and an expert in medical informatics. He theorizes that we will soon see a new human species that will coexist with us. It will be a much different kind of coexistence than what we know of our coexistence with the Neanderthals.”

There’s a lot to unpack here in a multidisciplinary way. Dr Simborg has been researching the subject for several years, making him the perfect person to help us break down the intricate issue of what inherits our present-day humanity.

Then, in segment two, we check back in with the rank-and-file of the Environmental Protection Agency. (Six months ago, we had a union leader in to describe the draconian budget cuts and regulatory rollbacks proposed by the Trump administration.)

Where are we now that Scott Pruitt is the EPA administrator? Unsurprisingly, and rather sadly, the EPA is still under fire from the White House, with employees fleeing — and those that remain are becoming demoralized.

And, if you think it through, when the EPA can’t do its job, Americans are at-risk of all sorts of malfeasance, pollution and toxic risks.

Finally, in segment three, we talk start-up media business — as in how to stay lean when spinning up your own personal media brand. Whether it’s a one-man-band approach, or a shop with dozens of employees, how can a startup differentiate in a fragmented media market?

We interview Ian Lamont, the author of a new book on the subject: “Lean Media,” for all the details.

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Have great weeks, everybody.

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