Downloading your consciousness, finding liberal arts work through an app and starting a social movement in the 21st century

By Jason Middleton

Download your consciousness — your human self via neurons and impulses — onto an external hard drive, and then beam your existence to other planets or galaxies in moments.

And that’s just for starters…

Theoretical physics is the crossover discipline between real-world, necessary explanations of how the universe conducts its multidimensional time/space continuum business, with the popularization of those same physics via science fiction.

This week on Techonomics, in segment one, we have Dr Michio Kaku, a world-famous scientist, who is also the co-founder of String Theory. If you put String Theory together with Albert Einstein’s works, you get the Theory of Everything.

And, in an interview with the white-haired sage of physics, you can get him to discuss Star Trek travel, how to avoid aliens and downloadable souls (like those seen Netlfix’s Altered Carbon!).

It’s all in Kaku’s NYT best-selling book, “The Future of Humanity.” Plus, you can find more of Kaku’s brilliance on his blog, “The Big Think.”

Next, in segment two, we turn to a startup that answers a workplace question for millions of people (potentially): How do I translate liberal arts, or “soft skills,” into “harder” businesses skills.

Through some personality trait questions, and algorithmic acuity, Vocatio helps recent grads navigate the workplace maze through finding win-win scenarios for both the applicant and hiring manager. We get the details from Vocatio CEO Patrick Jones.

Finally, we shine a spotlight on a new book that we think will become a textbook for social movements in the 21st century. It’s called “New Power,” and in segment three we interview the co-author, Henry Timms.

Mr. Timms is also the founder of Giving Tuesday, the cultural counterweight to conspicuous consumption like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Taking those lessons, and analyzing Black Lives Matter, Me Too and so much more, Mr. Timms has been able to distill a tool that helps would-be social movements leverage the digital tools of the 21st century — yes, including social media.

[If you’re in the Bay Area, Mr. Timms will be presenting at Kepler’s in Mountain View on April 7.]

The extended version of the interview is in the podcast below. We had to cut for air, unfortunately, so we suggest you listen to the longer piece if you can. (Heck, you might even hit “subscribe” while you’re there.)

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