Fighting screen addiction with AI app; protecting children’s data

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By Jason Middleton

Zen Screen

At first, the screens in our living rooms got bigger. In-home television began resembling a cinematic experience.

Then, two more form factors arrived: the smartphone and the tablet. To television executives the latter are known as second and third screens — not to mention the millions of apps they would spawn.

That’s a lot of screens demanding our attention (at least that’s what it can feel like). Projected light can disrupt sleep, too much screen time can simply ruin eyes and there’s the social aspect of being head-down and head-phoned.

Nitin Bhandari is the CEO of Zen Labs, which created a brilliant solution, the app Zen Screen. Zen Screen uses artificial intelligence to monitor usage and puts some guardrails on social behavior by limiting social media.

Having exited with the sale of his browser app, SkyFire, at $150 million, Mr Bhandari decided to use his skills at attracting users and turn them on themselves with Zen Screen.

He stops by the studio to discuss the impetus behind Zen Screen, parenting and the future of artificial intelligence and its impact on society in segment one.

Protecting Children’s Privacy

The pace of technology, especially around privacy, far outpaces legislation and the law. With children, things are particularly outdated and unregulated.

A recent study found that thousands of apps violate the existing child privacy protection laws, which fall under The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Common Sense Media, an advocacy group that examines tech and entertainment and their intersection with society and family, is taking action!

They have a plan to revamp COPPA, so that’s it’s actually relevant in the present-day environment. Unfortunately, until then, information is your greatest shield. Luckily, we can provide you with that. Caroline Knorr, the senior parenting editor at CSM, joins us in segment two to share some power tips on how parents can safeguard their children’s data.

Ms Knorr also spoke on her suggestions for Congress when it comes to COPPA.

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