How to thrive in a retail world that rarely makes sense, plus, a breakdown of blockchain

A box for an Amazon prime customer moves through the new Amazon Fulfillment Center, Friday, Feb. 9, 2018, in Sacramento, Calif. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

By Jason Middleton

The Shopping Revolution

Sears is closing another 72 stores. Malls are looking for new tenants, including community colleges, hockey rinks and even apartments and condos.

Retail is firmly digital now. But, that isn’t the end of the disruption. Shopping from a smartphones is disruptive. Amazon is disruptive (putting it mildly). Digital currencies are disruptive.

Retailers must win customers amid all this disruption. Retailers need a plan. Luckily, Professor Barbara Kahn has it: “The Shopping Revolution.

In her new book, Kahn builds a success matrix that small- and mid-size businesses can implement — not a consulting strategy that only the bigger chains can afford.

The book is easy to follow, but not dumbed down. Its writing is spot-on and the research is impeccable. If you’re an anecdotal learner, the case studies are detailed and informative. Interested? Check out her chat with us in segment one!

Tulip Conference

Blockchain is a transformative technology — and something we hear more and more about. But, what is it really? And how is it transformative?

An upcoming tech conference tackles blockchain from all sides, pairing the transparent, open technology with enterprises as varied as huge banks and corner cannabis dispensaries.

Keith Koo is a Bay Area broadcaster and the director of partnerships for the Tulip Conference. Amid a sea of tech conferences, Tulip stands out for its varied approach all along the implementation and utilization of blockchain.

In addition, the venue, The Village, is a great place to immerse in hip, transformative tech. Don’t forget the promo code Koo provided our listeners: use SVIN at checkout.

Listen to segment two for more information on the event directly from Koo.

Tech Check with Rob Enderle

Finally, this week, in segment three, it’s a round-robin conversation with tech-industry analyst and veteran commentator Rob Enderle.

We talk about the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal for Facebook, the European Union and its new privacy rules and Elon Musk and the building pressure for Tesla to perform.

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