A breakdown of bills in progress to bring net neutrality back

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By Jason Middleton

A phrase often heard around Silicon Valley: “Innovation always outpaces regulation.” But, that doesn’t mean regulation is unnecessary. And, dragging Congress and the federal code into the modern era has been a rocky road, to say the least.

The Obama administration codified the rules of net neutrality, and then under the rule of Trump’s team, the FCC took them away. But, that doesn’t mean the tables won’t be turning back in the near future.

The 21st Century Internet Act has garnered its first Republican co-sponsor! The bill needs 218 signatures in total, so several more Republicans will need to climb aboard to get the proposals off the ground. (To congratulate Rep. Mike Coffman [R-Colorado] on his leadership you can click HERE.]

The act would ban the blocking, throttling or prioritizing of one site/company over another. It would also remove all jurisdiction issues that could be created if the states start banging out their own net-neutrality laws.

Another bill, called the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA), is also hoping to get a floor vote in the House this year!

On this week’s show, in our first segment, we talk with Roslyn Layton, a visiting fellow from the American Enterprise Institute, about her new publication, “Tech Policy and the MidTerm Elections” to get a better understanding of the potential impact of the two pieces of legislation.

Roslyn Layton is an evidence-based researcher who aims to inform and instruct when it comes to issues like net neutrality, the coming 5G revolution and other topics. (She’s also a boss follow on Twitter.)

In addition, We also have Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif./Silicon Valley) in our second segment to discuss his bill, the aforementioned IDEA, as well as the need for net neutrality to be set as law at the federal level. (As a matter of course, both of our guests suggest that solution!)

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