Facebook, Instagram and Twitter drop in nationwide customer satisfaction survey

Photo by MrJayW on Pixabay

“Do social media companies care or are they just laughing all the way to the bank?” – Michael Finney, KGO810 Host

It looks like people’s perception of social media is taking a plunge.

A recent nationwide survey found consumers ranked their satisfaction with the airline and healthcare industries above that of the very platforms that allow them to connect digitally with their family and friends.

In the American Customer Satisfaction Index 2018 E-Business Report social media scored 72 out of 100 points, a 1.4 percent drop from the previous year. Two key takeaways emerged from the results based off the ACSI’s interviews with 5,200 users — intrusive ads and privacy concerns are weighing heavy on individuals’ minds.

Instagram, with a four-point drop, Facebook, with a one-point drop, and Twitter, with a six-point drop, all ranked in the bottom half of the nine sites assessed.

Pinterest, up 3 percent at the top of the pack with a score of 80, LinkedIn, up 2 percent but still tied for last with Twitter, and Youtube, up 1 percent in fourth, all managed to stay in the public’s good graces (see the full standings here).

The popularity of social media on the whole is down, but that doesn’t necessarily mean industry leaders should be preparing to dig their graves.

In the podcast below, Herb Weisbaum of NBC News, who originally reported on the story, joins Michael Finney to dive deeper into the data and explain how he expects companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to cope with the rising unrest toward their services.

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