Techonomics: Well-Earned Management Advice for Senior Leaders

(Photo: Karen Walker)

“Diversity is not just a buzz word, it is crucial to helping your team or organization work at it’s potential,”

-Karen Walker

By Jason Middleton

Alignment is a business term that can be overused, for sure, but to my mind it is undervalued as a concept.

Basically, it means: is my team on the same page, driving toward the same message and goals. And it starts at the top of an organization.

If everyone along the line in an enterprise is in alignment, the company is better positioned to not only succeed in the market, but it can quickly respond to unforeseen changes in the market.

This week we talk with a veteran of the tech industry. She was on the early team at Compaq, a legendary startup success story. Karen Walker‘s new book, No Dumbing Down: A No-Nonsense Guide for CEOs on Organization Growth, is aimed at the senior executives at companies, but the takeaways are universal.


Have great weeks, everybody.

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