Michael Finney: March 16, 2019


Solaria Perez, Financial Planner with Morgan Stanley offers Financial Advice for Young Women, from Women

Laura Adams of Driver’s Ed.com has advice for how to Fight Back Against Drowsy Driving

Vinay Bhaskara, Co-Co-Founder of College Vine explains how to Negotiate for Financial Aid


Herb “The Consumerman” Weisbaum NBC News lists America’s Least Favorite Stores

Kristen Duke, doctoral candidate at the Rady School of Management, University of California San Diego share her study: Guilt Dynamics: Consequences of Temporally Separating Decisions and Actions

Kevin Brasler of Consumer Checkbook explains Why Your Choice of Hospital Matters. KGO listeners can access hospital rankings until 4/19

Paraic Hayes, Senior VP, West Coast US for the Investment Development Agency (IDA) Ireland reveals Bay Area Companies See Green Fields Of Opportunity In The Face Of Tech Talent Shortage, Brexit Anxiety And Global Uncertain


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