Armstrong & Getty: Secret Hospital Videos–Who Had Access?

A lawsuit filed against a San Diego hospital aims to reveal undisclosed details regarding secret video recordings of female patients.

The videos were recorded on a secret surveillance system that was installed in an effort to catch a hospital staffer who was suspected of stealing drugs.

Who had access to the footage? Have the videos been shared?

Attorney Allison Worden (who represents 81 plaintiffs) talked to A&G, telling Jack & Joe that during the period in which the cameras were turned on, at least 1800 procedures took place in the operating rooms (which were designated for female medical procedures).

Says Worden, it’s not only that the women were recorded while exposed, “but these are women that range from some of the happiest times in their life…to the worst times in their lives…and they’re nervous as to who else has had access to this very intimate and horrifying footage”.

Listen to the Armstrong & Getty interview below….


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