Techonomics: The Many Medical Uses for CBD Oil


“Laboratory testing is not mandated even in these states that regulate the cultivation of hemp. It should be mandated because people are finding exorbitant amounts of pesticides in products and heavy metals, like lead,”

-Dr. Rachna Patel

By Jason Middleton

As more and more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, the usage of cannabinoid oil will only rise.

CBD oil: miracle cure-all elixir, or 21st century marketing for a new snake oil. Likely, it’s mostly the former, but there is a skeptical skosh of caution around CBD oil usage, too.

Dr. Rachna Patel has written the book “The CBD Oil Solution“. She has all the facts about the pain-relieving effects of CBD oil and can talk about the benefits and how and why it works.

A leading practitioner in the field of medical cannabis, Dr. Patel, offers trusted advice for maximizing the benefits of CBD to treat symptoms and improve quality of life. From anxiety to anti-inflammation, there seems to be an application CBD oil for almost everything. Seriously useful as a resource around CBD – but also a gorgeous recipe book.


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