Gene Editing, Startup Culture & a ‘Bad Seed’

“This brand new corn seed that would create heathy comby was done by the graduate student of Stanford in the book. It reads like science fiction, but its actually quite feasible,”

-Richard Lieberman

By Jason Middleton

CRISPR is relatively new gene editing technology – and it’s been in the news quite a bit recently. In November, a scientist in China modified twin girl embryos so they would be resistant to their father’s HIV.

Moreover, the experiment may have altered their intellectual abilities. Of course, this has been widely condemned, but the work by this rogue scientist shows the power of CRISPR.

The power of CRISPR gets the agricultural treatment in a new work of fiction from Richard Lieberman. The book is titled Bad Seed.

The gene editing techniques that the protagonist uses for her work in the book is real, and the revolutionary biological tool, CRISPR will enable scientists to bring about miraculous improvements to the health and well-being of humankind.


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