How Super-Intelligent Machines Could Optimize Human Well-Being, Enviro-Stability

“The main thing is, Super-Aware/Intelligent Machines who have 1000-3000 goals, will have the ability to prioritize different goals and squeeze out the goals that don’t make sense or are antagonistic to other ones to come up with the most powerful resolution,”

-Greg Kieser

By Jason Middleton

Once again this week, we’re going to straddle science fiction and science reality with a discussion about ‘super-aware intelligent machines’.

We have the author of a new book, titled Dear Machine, who is also an investor and researcher in what he considers a wave of technological advances that will push humanity through whatever this painful paradigm shift is we’re going through.

Or, in his words from a post-interview email: “A conversation with Greg Kieser about how we might increase the likelihood that future super-intelligent machines will prioritize and optimize human well-being and environmental stability.”

Key on ‘human well being.’

Greg Kieser. Greg Kieser is founder of, a company dedicated to increasing humanity’s readiness for the emergence of “SAIMs” (Super-Aware/Intelligent Machines).

Greg’s new book is Dear Machine: A Letter to a Super-Aware/Intelligent Machine, which also serves as the operating thesis for the company.

Rather than see super aware machines as merchants of chaos and death, see RoboCop, perhaps we see them as possibly the biggest resources humans will create.


Have great weeks, everybody.

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