Armstrong & Getty: Policing with Amazon’s Facial Recognition Tech

The Washington Post’s Drew Harwell talks to Armstrong & Getty.

Sheriff’s deputies in western Oregon are now using Amazon’s artificial-intelligence tool Rekognition in an effort to help apprehend suspects.
According to a report by the Washington Post’s Drew Harwell, the technology…

“allows the law enforcement officers to match a suspect’s face across more than 300,000 mug shots taken at the county jail since 2001. A grainy picture of someone’s face — captured by a security camera, a social-media account or a deputy’s smartphone — can quickly become a link to their identity, including their name, family and address. More than 1,000 facial-recognition searches were logged last year, said deputies, who sometimes used the results to find a suspect’s Facebook page, visit their home or make an arrest.”

Harwell joined Armstrong & Getty to talk about the use of the technology, listen below…


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