Google Ups Its Hardware, Software Game at I/O

“You watch Sundar come on stage and deliver the keynote. Even as a Google employee, knowing what he’s going to say, it still blows my mind and gets everyone really excited. Especially this year with the introduction of new hardware, it’s the best time of year, no doubt,”

By Jason Middleton

Software developer conferences – a staple of Silicon Valley and the source of much griping about traffic and parking.

But these conferences are necessary pep rallies and product rollouts – and Google’s annual IO conference is always impressive as it is, possibly, the biggest data dump every 12 months.

New hardware products. Upgrades to software. New software. New and upgraded services. And new tools and developer packages that will enable the next generation of … stuff.

This week’s I/O hardware headliner is the new Pixel 3A and 3AXL smart phones. And we have Justin Barr, a Google Technologist, to help us unpack things.

By the way, the price point on this is 399 and I’m not trying to make a Pixel ad here, but every reviewer I trust says this is the phone that may entice iPhone users to step out.


Have great weeks, everybody.

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