‘Savage News’: Novel Approach to Covering the White House

“I make the point that all these women who go into TV news end up with straight hair. But not all women have straight hair. There are these conventions of how you have to look,”

By Jason Middleton

The author we’re talking with next has written a new novel, titled “Savage News. And boy she nailed that.

She could have gone with News Onslaught, Tsunami News or Daily Sh**show. But Savage News definitely works.

Jessica Yellin is the former chief White House correspondent for CNN and an Emmy and Gracie Award-winning political journalist for CNN, ABC News, and MSNBC.

And she’s tied together her White House experience with her experience as a woman in the workplace.

The novel’s protagonist Natalie Savage has transferred to Washington, D.C. on temporary assignment as White House correspondent for a news network. That’s a basic setup.


Have great weeks, everybody.

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