The Chip Franklin Show: May 8, 2019

Trump’s Big Problems

Chip and Nikki talk about President Trump’s newly revealed taxes, Don Jr’s subpoena from a Republican controlled Senate Committee, and Attorney General Bill Barr being held in contempt of Congress.

Executive Privilege vs Congressional Oversight

Chip and Nikki talk with Congressman Ro Khanna about Attorney General Bill Barr being held in contempt, Congress’ right to oversight, and whether impeachment is on the table for the President.

McCain vs Myers

Chip and Nikki talk about an awkward exchange between Meghan McCain and late night host Seth Myers and whether you have lost friends because of politics.

California’s New Sex Ed Law

Chip and Nikki discuss California’s new sex ed rules that have some parents furious. They take your calls.

Falwell’s Follies

Chip and Nikki talk about MAGA Trumper Jerry Falwell Jr’s alleged skeletons revealed by former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Beating the GOP

Chip and Nikki talk about how Democrats can stand up to the GOP. They take your calls.


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