The John Rothmann Show: May 8, 2019

Cracks in the Republican Front

In a rare bipartisan move, Devin Nunes and Adam Schiff threatened to subpoena the DOJ for the Mueller files. Richard Burr subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. today.

Political Q & A with John Rothmann

John Rothmann makes crystal clear the processes by which government runs; from when Grand Jury testimony is released to the public, to the understanding the scope and nature of executive privlege, callers ask important questions.

Iran – Saber Rattling in the Middle East and at Home

Iran has announced it is scaling back it’s commitment under the 2015 Nuclear Agreement as tensions with the United States have been ramping up. Mike Pompeo has travelled to Iraq to talk about Iran… USS Abraham Lincoln has been deployed to the region… What do you make of this?


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