The John Rothmann Show: May 13, 2019

Trade War with China

Trump’s China grudgematch continues as the Dow Plunged 617 points today and China retaliated with $608 Billion in tariffs on US goods. Is Trump negotiating from a place of strength?

How Close to a Hot War in the Persian Gulf Are We?

Two Saudi Oil Tankers were damaged in what’s being described as an act of sabotage off the coast of the UAE. This raised risk for shippers who pass through Straights of Hormuz- a vital water way for global trade and oil. Tensions are escalating; false reports abound; the USS Abraham Lincoln is steaming towards the Persian Gulf; Iran is backing away from the Nuclear Deal and threatening to close the Straights of Hormuz.

Barr Taps Durham

AG Barr has tapped John Durham, the top Federal Prosecutor in Connecticut, who was appointed by President Trump. Durham will assist Barr in investigating the origins of the Russia Investigation. What do you make of this?

Remembering Doris Day

Christine Craft joins John Rothmann in remembering their friend, and America’s girl next door movie star, Doris Day, who passed away today at 97. Hear touching stories of her work with animals and callers share their memories of her.


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