The Chip Franklin Show: May 15, 2019

Trump’s Misguided Trade War

Chip talks about how President Trump’s trade war is hurting his supporters and whether they will ultimately turn against him.

Keeping Abortion Available

Chip discusses the new restrictive abortion laws in Georgia, Alabama and other states and whether SCOTUS will uphold those laws.

Jokes & Handcuffs

Someone called 9-1-1 on a Muslim Comedian who told a terrorism joke on stage at a comedy club. Chip discusses the story with Todd Neikirk from Chip is then joined by Marcus Osborne from The Punchline to talk about what is acceptable in comedy and that club’s future.

The Future of Roe

Chip talks with Washington Post Opinion Writer Molly Roberts about Alabama’s new restrictive abortion law and whether SCOTUS will ditch Roe vs Wade decision.


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