Using Fiction to Cope with All-Too Real Technologies

“At the core of the book is an ‘Empathy for All’ message. The idea is that if we’re gong to deal with the environmental challenges ahead of of us, we have to expand empathy from just feeling for other humans into plants, animals and ecosystems. Where we need to treat people with care, love and respect is widening,”

By Jason Middleton

This week friend of the show, many times New York Times best selling author Steven Kotler is back to share his newest edition, this time it’s fiction.

We’ve been leaning more on fiction to help us get our heads around the breakneck pace of technological advances, as well as the existential paradigm shift the world seems to be going through.

Mr. Kotler was last on the show to discuss his best seller, Stealing Fire, co-written with Jamie Wheal. Stealing Fire is about flow – how people find increased creativity, productivity and quality of life.

This time, the book is titled Last Tango in Cyberspace, and it addresses what Kotler sees as mission critical to navigate the coming century: empathy.

The world created in Last Tango is based very closely on our world about five years from now, and all technology in the book either exists in labs or is rumored to exist.


Have great weeks, everybody.

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