The Mark Thompson Show: May 17, 2019

Four Major Pieces of Legislation that were Scrapped in Sacramento This Week

The Feds Rescind $1 Billion For California’s High-Speed Rail

Do Any Of The Highly Restrictive Abortion Laws Enacted This Week Stand A Chance In Court??

Legal analyst and law professor Jessica Levinson examines the probable court challenges.

A Local Smokehouse Restaurant Is Allegedly Choking Its Neighbors

Is the restaurant violating clean air standards or is this buyer beware if you move in above a business that’s been there for over a decade?

An Iconic Rockstar Curses at Fans for Smoking Pot

The Trends in Popular Baby Names

The answers might surprise you… Mark quizzes listeners.

Angie Coiro, Filling in for Pat, Apologizes for Shunning Mark


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