Using Artificial Intelligence to Clean Up San Francisco Streets

(Photo via Waste360)

The negative, growing impact of waste management in the city of San Francisco has become very apparent. Nordsense, an AI-based waste management company, has partnered with San Francisco to bring 1,000 “smart” trash cans into the solution towards a cleaner city.

Sensors will be installed in the cans, which monitor “fullness”, “temperature” and “fill rates”. “Collected data will help the city mitigate container overflow, reduce the number of overall collections, guide bin placement and optimize operational resources,” Waste360 reports.

The pilot program, which implemented 48 “smart cans” on the city streets, saw tremendous success. “We saw an 80 percent decrease in overflowing cans, a 64 percent decrease in illegal dumping and a 66 percent decrease in street cleaning service requests,” founder and chief technology officer for Nordsense, Manuel Maestrini said.

Chip and Nikki discuss this new technology and took your calls about other technology that would be helpful in keeping our environment sparkling.


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