The Mark Thompson Show: June 11, 2019

The Young Turks’ Rob Placone Explains Why Net Neutrality Is One of the Most Important Issues of the Day

Listen to Toronto Fans Fail at Smack Talking as the Warriors Get a Great Win and Suffer a Great Loss in One Game

Trump Takes on the Tech Industry

But It’s Not For The Reason You Might Think…

Baptists Meet to Discuss Sexual Abuse

What’s there to discuss? How about religious leaders stop abusing kids?!

Might AOC Launch a Primary Fight Against One of New York’s Senators Soon?

Hear from political analyst Michael Shure.

A Parkland Dad Starts a Memorial of Unfinished Things From the School Shooting Victims

Is there Anything Swampier than What Mitch McConnell Has Been Up To?

How about how Amy Chua got her kid a clerkship with Kavanaugh?

Mark & Pat Discuss How to Beat the Heat


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