Taking Apple to the Next Level: Tim Cook

“Tim Cook is bringing progressive values to the company and using Apple’s massive resources to try to make a difference in accessibility to education, inclusion, diversity, privacy, environment and the conditions in the supply chain,”

By Jason Middleton

First is a mea culpa. I was not a huge fan of Apple CEO and Steve Jobs’ successor Tim Cook. He seems like a nice man, highly capable, et cetera – but he was a Chief Operating Office. Someone who counts beans, watches supply chains and fulfills orders from customers.

When Steve died and Tim took over, it was the end of an era, for sure, but Apple was still there. Could it still be Apple the way we were used to?

Turns out, it could get better. I’ve had former and present employees tell me that though Steve Jobs was like a prophet, let alone genius marketer, the company kind of exhaled when Tim Cook took over.

Not to relax – but to not live in fear, either. Tim Cook also brought some values to the company that were not there before. Steve Jobs? More of a hippie-style libertarian. Tim Cook… different animal.

Leander Khaney‘s new biography of Tim Cook, ‘Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level.‘ is the first of its kind, but is likely to stay best of breed for quite a while.


Have great weeks, everybody.

Resource: https://www.cultofmac.com/

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