Chip & Nikki: July 9, 2019

Taking Down ACA with Congressman Ro Khanna

Congressman Ro Khanna talks with Chip and Nikki about healthcare and the latest effort to take down the ACA.

The Senior Prank Gone Racist

Chip and Nikki talk about the punishment the white teenagers deserve after making racist graffiti at their school.

Making Sense of Lobbying with Tom Sheridan

Chip and Nikki talk to veteran lobbyist and author of “Helping the Good Do Better: How a White Hat Lobbyist Advocates for Social Change.” about how to get more lawmakers in Washington working for the people.

Shannon Watts from Mom’s Demand Action

Shannon Watts from Mom’s Demand Action joins Chip and Nikki to discuss Megan McCain’s flippant remarks about guns and marriage counseling and why such caviler attitudes toward guns is a problem.

Our Youth Obsession

Chip and Nikki talk to Jennifer Wright’s Political Editor at Large about our culture’s fascination with youth, and when it crosses the line.

Starbucks & Cops

Some Arizona police officers say they were asked to leave a Starbucks because they made another customer feel uncomfortable. Chip and Nikki discuss the fallout and take your calls.


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