San Francisco Popeyes Closes Due to Cockroach Infestation


July 31, 2019

The San Francisco Department of Health gave orders to shut down the Dividiasero St. Popeyes Tuesday morning. A routine inspection led to store closure when it was determined that the southern-style fast food chain was determined to have “major violations” of public health codes.

Veronica Vien, the department’s Public Information Officer stated, “They determined that they had a cockroach infestation and the permit has been temporarily suspended.” Once the owner of the business fixes the problems, health inspectors can be alerted to “make a second visit with the intention to lift the suspension”.

Earlier this week, another San Francisco restaurant was forced to close due to a rodent infestation. Du Loi Supermarket, popular for its sale of Vietnamese sandwiches, failed its health inspection. It turns


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