Chip & Nikki: Toxic Masculinity in Movies, Fixing College and the Middle East

Three Terrible People and One Great One

Chip and Nikki discuss the worst people in the world not named Trump and a Bay Area mayor who is among the best people.

Toxic Masculinity in Movies with Ann Hornaday

Chip and Nikki chat with Washington Post Film Critic Ann Hornaday about the battle against toxic masculinity on the big screen.

Fixing College

Chip and Nikki discuss how college is the most dangerous place to send a young person and what steps can be taken to fix that situation.

Middle East

Chip and Nikki talk with former CIA agent Dan Gabriel about his new movie Mosul and whether there is any end in sight when it comes to U.S. involvement in the Middle East.

Movies with Josh Board

Movie reviewer Josh Board tells us what movies are worth seeing this weekend in theaters.

Boys will be Boys

A guest on Fox and Friends says mass shootings are happening because we aren’t allowing boys to grow into men. Chip and Nikki discuss and take your calls.


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