The Pat Thurston Show: August 15, 2019

Is San Francisco Doing Enough to Protect the Public?

Locals are outraged after a man who was caught on video assaulting a woman was released from prison. Do you think enough is being done in San Francisco to protect the public?

Are We Headed Toward a Recession?

Stocks stumbled yesterday. Politico Chief Economic Correspondent Ben White tells us whether we should be concerned about a recession.

Two Congresswomen Denied Entry into Israel

Israel has denied entry to two democratic congresswomen after President Trump tweeted that they shouldn’t be allowed.

Is it Unreasonable to Question the Circumstances Surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s Death?

There are countless conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Jeffrery Epstein. Is it unreasonable to question the circumstances surrounding his death? Do you think Jeffrey Epstein was murdered?


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