The John Rothmann Show: NRA, Brexit and Trump on Hurricane Dorian

SF Supervisors Label the NRA a Terrorist Organization

San Francisco has passed a resolution declaring that the National Rifle Association is a domestic terrorist organization and urging other cities, states, and the federal government to do the same.

To Brexit or Not to Brexit?

The people of Britain voted for Brexit three years ago, requiring Great Britain to leave the EU on October 31, 2019. John says this will be catastrophic to the European Union. What do you think?


Earlier today, Donald Trump held a briefing on Hurricane Dorian. At one point, the president held up a National Hurricane Center map from 29 August, displaying the hurricane’s track and intensity.

Apparently, someone had used a Sharpie to add a black loop falsely extending the hurricane’s path from Florida to Alabama. It was apparently a belated effort to justify Trump’s previous claim that the latter state could be affected.


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