Chip & Nikki: September 10, 2019

Chip’s Trump Top 10

President Trump can’t understand his unpopularity as he’s reportedly having a meltdown over the latest polls. Chip gives us his top 10 reasons why Trump is unpopular and takes your calls on the issue.

NRA sues San Francisco

The NRA is fighting San Francisco in court over the city’s designation of the organization as a terrorist group.

CA’s New Vaccine Bill

California has a new law that pushes back against doctors who give students exemptions to vaccinations. Chip and Nikki discuss and take your calls.

No Suspension

A new California law does away with school suspensions for talking back to teachers. Chip and Nikki discuss and take your calls.

Making a Marriage

With several high profile divorces happening in the news lately, Chip and Nikki talk about a new study that reveals the reasons some people aren’t getting married until later in life. They take your calls about what makes a solid marriage.


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