The Chip Franklin Show: September 30, 2019

Trump & Even More Impeachable Offenses

Chip talks about Trump administration officials working with foreign intelligence agencies to investigate Mueller and our own intelligence agencies in regards to Russian election inteference.

Trump’s Civil War

Trump thinks removing him from office would create a Civil War. Chip discusses the threat and takes your calls.

Understanding ISIS with James Verini

New York Times and National Geographic journalist James Verini talks with Chip about what it was like being imbeded with the Iraqi Army in their fight against ISIS. His book THEY WILL HAVE TO DIE NOW, about Iraq, ISIS, and the U.S. is available now.

Finding the Whistleblower

President Trump says he’s still trying to figure out who blew the whistle on his administration. Chip discusses and takes your calls.

Paying College Athletes with Nancy Skinner

Chip talks to California Senator Nancy Skinner about the bill she co-authored allowing NCAA athletes to make money while in school. Governor Gavin Newsom signed it into law today.

The Opioid Crisis

Chip talks about the opioid crisis that’s ripping apart parts of the country.


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