Ronn Owens Report: Ronn Makes a Bold Prediction

(Photo by Evan Vucci/AP Images)

“I’m going to stick my neck out and predict Donald Trump will resign around March of 2020,”

Ronn Owens will come out and say it: Trump is done. A bold and possibly foolish statement, but you can feel the tide turning. 51% of voters (in a FOX poll!) say he ought to be impeached AND removed from office. This poll was taken before Ukraine/House impeachment inquiry and before his shameful, sickening, discarding of the Kurds. Without conscience, Trump tossed our surrogates to the curb and gave ISIS a brand new opportunity to put lives in jeopardy. Ronn agrees with the 55% of voters in that Fox poll: Donald Trump loves himself more than he loves this country.

Listen to the full report below.


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