The Chip Franklin Show: October 31, 2019

Preventing Massive Fires with Lawrence McQuillan

Dr. Lawrence McQuillan from the Independent Institute discusses some of the strategies California should use as part of a comprehensive fire abatement plan.

The Vote for Impeachment

The House has voted to impeach President Trump. Chip talks to former Federal Prosecutor David Katz about what may come next.

Social Media and 2020

Chip talks about what social media companies should do to deter foreign impact into out elections.

Impeachment and Trump’s Decision Making with Guy Snodgrass

Chip talks to Guy Snodgrass, the former director of communications and chief speechwriter to
Secretary of Defense James Mattis. His new book Holding the Line: Inside Trump’s Pentagon with Secretary Mattis is available now.

The Media, Impeachment, and 2020 with Matt Taibbi

Chip talks with Rolling Stone Contributing Editor and National Magazine Award winner Matt Taibbi his new book, Hate Inc. is available now.

Another Starbucks Controversy

Chip takes your calls about the Starbucks manager fired after having two black men arrested at her store.


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