The Chip Franklin Show: November 1, 2019

Sexist Jimmy G?

Chip and Nikki discuss an exchange between Jimmy G. and Erin Andrews where he calls her baby after the 49ers big win on Halloween night. Was it sexist?

Social Media and Political Ads with Ramesh Srinivasan

Chip and Nikki talk to UCLA professor of information studies and director of its Digital Cultures Lab Ramesh Srinivasan about the role of big tech in our democracy and the 2020 election, the digital bill of rights he is promoting to Democratic candidates. His new book BEYOND THE VALLEY is available now.

Facebook and Political Ads

Chip and Nikki take your calls about whether Facebook should have political ads.

Katie Hill’s Farewell

Congresswoman Katie Hill says mysogny helped take her down in the scandal over naked photos. Chip and Nikki talk about it.

Privacy on the Web

Chip and Nikki talk to Washington Post Technology Columnist Geoffrey Fowler about his latest piece which details how companies track your online activity even if you try to make your experience as private as possible.

You got Spanked!

Chip and Nikki discuss new research that reveals how childhood spankings impact adults. They take your calls.

Scooter on the Bay Bridge

A man was caught on video riding an e-scooter on the Bay Bridge, Chip and Nikki discuss that and other bad road behavior.


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