The Chip Franklin Show: November 4, 2019

Trump takes on California

Chip and Nikki discuss the latest Trump vs California controversy as the President threatens to hold back emergency funds from our state.

Trump’s Taxes with Randy Zelin

Chip and Nikki talk to attorney Randy Zelin about whether President Trump will finally turn over his taxes after the latest court decision.

Child Labor for the Wall

Chip and Nikki discuss the Halloween Party thrown by White House staffers that included kids “building a wall” with paper bricks. Republicans are jamming Democratic phone lines with fake phone calls. Plus, an NFL player is looking for work after being released from the Browns.

The 2020 Poll Position with Philip Bump

Chip and Nikki chat with Washington Post National Correspondent Philip Bump about his latest piece on how the polls from 2020 could diverge from the election outcome even more than the polls in 2016.

No Turning Back

Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg says there is no going “back to normal” following the Presidency of Donald Trump. Chip and Nikki debate that argument. Also, one former GOP Congressman grows a conscience.

Blackface in Milpitas

Chip and Nikki talk about the Milpitas school teacher who dressed as a rapper for Halloween and wore blackface. What should happen to him?


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