Michael Finney: November 16, 2019


Lena Felton of The Lily asks, “Can a Credit Card Be Sexist?”

Matt Stoller, a Fellow with the Open Markets Institute is one of the Consumer who says the U.S. should block Google’s acquisition of Fitbit

Sarah Newcomb, Director of Behavioral Science with  Morningstar warns Parents keep making ‘a huge mistake’ when sending kids to college


Margaret Olaiya, Director of the Department of Tax and Collections for the  County of Santa Clara reports $409,000 in Unclaimed General Collections Monies

Savings Expert Andrea Woroch lists 6 Credit Strategies to Help You Financially Prepare for the Holidays

Beverly Harzog of US News U.S. News shares a survey that shows consumers worry most about losing their jobs during a recession

Jahan Sagafi, Attorney Outten & Golden is suing Facebook sued for age, gender bias in financial services


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