The Pat Thurston Show: The Latest on Nunes and Ethics in his Investigation

(Photo via Andrew Harrer/Pool)

Former assistant US attorney for the Central District of Los Angeles, David Katz, joined Pat Thurston to discuss current news in Washington.

I have a very strong suspicion that there are documents, videos, and all kinds of records that put Nunes in a very compromising position. I think that’s one reason why he’s gone completely crazy and threatened insubstantial things for CNN, which has no threat at all of being successfully prosecuted. What CNN did was completely appropriate. What the media has done has been just fine. Now of course, a person can run their mouth and claim they’re going to sue the media. And if the media has resources like CNN, they can just kind of laugh it off. Right? Nunes is a public figure and so they’re not quaking in their boots. If Nunes actually filed a lawsuit, he’d be subject to sanctions and would have to pay the attorneys fees of CNN if he actually went ahead and filed a lawsuit. But, talk is cheap.

Listen to the conversation here.


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