Black Friday, Politics at Thanksgiving, and Homelessness with Angie Coiro

Privacy, the Internet, and Fake News with Ramesh Srinivasan

Angie Coiro talks to Ramesh Srinivasan, author of the book BEYOND THE VALLEY, about why Presidential Candidates should have a plan to address disinformation and protect internet privacy.

Black Friday and Over-Commercialism

Angie wonders why so many people still buy in to the Black Friday mayhem.

Bringing Up Atheists

Richard Conn Jr. his new book “The Earthbound Parent”, talks about raising children to be atheists in a religion filled world.

Homelessness in California

Angie Coiro talks about a number of different issues surrounding homelessness in California.

Talking Politics at Thanksgiving

Angie Coiro discusses why you should talk politics at the Thanksgiving table. She takes your calls.


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