Help Armstrong & Getty: Donate Now to Warrior Foundation/Freedom Station

Donate right now

During this season of giving, please consider a donation to The Warrior Foundation Freedom Station.

The goal is simple–to raise money that is used to buy plane tickets to send our injured warriors back home for Christmas.

As strange as it may seem, members of our country’s military don’t have a free ticket to get home very often. For those who’ve suffered an injury, a single Convalescent leave is available. But, some of our fighting men and women will need treatment for their injuries for many years. Worse, many will need help long after their time in service has come to an end.

That’s where The Warrior Foundation/Freedom Station comes in. It exists to help get our injured troops back to their families, and it helps them transition back to civilian life.

A donation to The Warrior Foundation/Freedom Station is truly an effort that will make someone’s life better.

Armstrong and Getty has supported this cause for quite some time. Now, you can join them!

Donate right now


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