Making sense of CPUC report on PG&E’s failure to maintain power lines

SAN FRANCISCO – On Monday the California Public Utilities Commission released a report that details PG&E’s failures to properly maintain power lines – built nearly a century ago – that ultimately ended up causing the Camp Fire that killed 85 people and flattened the town of Paradise.

Pat Thurston invited Loretta M. Lynch into studio to explain the report. Lynch formerly acted as the president of the CPUC, and said the report documents a pattern of corporate negligence by the utilities company.

“What we know is PG&E has spent decades lying to the regulators, hiding its failure to inspect and its failure to maintain its system in a safe manner. And it’s knowingly left its system unsafe. Why? For profits.

“Because the money they didn’t spend, they pocketed and gave to their investors. So what we know is PG&E has lost the benefit of the doubt and frankly, they have lost the right to continue to operate this fundamental good that every business and every family needs, every minute of every day.They have lost the right to operate this business because of their pattern and practice of corporate negligence.”

Check out the video at the top of the page for a more complete breakdown of CPUC’s report.

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