The Chip Franklin Show: Knowledge and Privacy with Lizzie O’Shea

Lizzie O’Shea, author of the new book Future Histories, joins us on the Chip Franklin Show to discuss internet privacy regulations and what we can learn from the distant past to inform present policy decisions.

The idea behind this book is that we could benefit from having some context around debates about technology. Often when we talk about technology, it feels like a force of nature that invades our spaces and invades our minds. It’s always in our pocket. Sometimes it’s even under a skin.

It’s always treated as though it’s like the weather. It hasn’t got any motivations, or it’s without context. And my aim with this book is to provide some historical examples of debates that we have about technology that are actually quite universal.

So what is the role of companies and corporations in our lives? What’s the role of governments surveilling us and treating us as people of suspicion? And then what’s also the role of work? And how does technology escalate automation of work? These are things that people have been talking about for actually hundreds of years. And I think adding some context to these debates will mean that 21st century questions about technology can have greater relevance.

Listen to the full interview here:


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