The Mark Thompson Show: California News, Stories from the Sky, & an American Idol Story

Mark’s Wild Night

Mark shares details from his wild night which involved a break-in, a squad of cops and a whole bunch of codes that Mark didn’t know about.

News around California with Politico’s Carla Marinucci

Mark & Carla talk the State of the Union last night, Nancy Pelosi & AB5.

Fighting Over Bacon?!

Mark can’t believe this story isn’t Florida.

Stories from the Sky & a Coronavirus update

Mark & Bret talk about a gun that was left in an airplane bathroom & a few Coronavirus stories out of SFO.

Super Bowl parade police chase & Mark’s American Idol story

Mark & Bret talk about J-Lo and Shakira not getting paid for the halftime show from the Super Bowl. Mark also talks about his relationship with Simon Cowell.

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