The John Rothmann Show: Impeachment Witnesses, Coronavirus, & Bumblebee Demise


Impeachment witnesses ousted amid fears of Trump revenge campaign. The removal of Vindman and Sondland came after a promise of “payback” by White House officials.

The Virus Continues to Plague Us

Death of whistleblower doctor unleashes fury in China

Anger was swelling online in China over the death of a whistleblower doctor who tried to sound the alarm about the deadly outbreak but was silenced by Communist Party authorities. On social media, users hailed Li Wenliang as a hero, after the ophthalmologist was reported to have died of the virus late Thursday.

Flight (or Demise) or the Bumble Bee

Bumblebee populations in North America and Europe have plummeted as a result of extreme temperatures, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Science.

The number of areas populated by bumblebees has fallen 46 percent in North America and 17 percent in Europe, and the new research found that regions with sharp bee declines also experienced strong variations in climate — and especially higher temperatures and worse heat waves.


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