Super Tuesday Round Two and Coronavirus Updates

“It inspires to be super.”

Chip Merrill is in for Pat Thurston today and he is talking to John Nichols about today’s primary vote, or super Tuesday round two. Nichols is the National Affairs corespondent for The Nation and the associate editor of The Capital Times. He thinks today should be known as “Aspirational Tuesday” because it wants to be as noticeable as Super Tuesday, however it is not quite there yet; as Nichols expressed, “It inspires to be super.”

No matter what you choose to call today the facts are all the same. Today, Michigan, Washington, Idaho, North Dakota, Missouri and Mississippi will participate in voting for the primaries and the public will have to wait and see which nominee wins each state.

Nichols briefly explained expectations for Sanders verses Biden with a reasonable amount of notice to leave room for surprise. For example, he stated, “Michigan is a state with many, many different constituencies, many many different bases and it depends a lot who’s excited, who’s energized, who’s turning out.”

Nichols also addressed that Bernie Sanders supporters are known to go out to vote no matter what the weather or line is like, however he could not say the same for Joe Biden supporters.

According to The New York Times, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden both called off their rallies tonight in Ohio due to fear of spreading the Coronavirus.

In addition to John Nichols, Chip Merrill also talked about Coronavirus updates; including testing now available all across the country and all major health insurance companies have joined with Medicare and Medicaid to wave copay’s, cost of treatment for those who contract Coronavirus, no surprise billing and more.

In a press conference today, Vice President Mike Pence stated, “I know I speak for President Trump when I say how grateful we are to see our health insurance industry step forward to meet this need for that; no American should be concerned about being able to pay for the cost of a coronavirus test if they deem and their doctor deems it to be appropriate and necessary.”

Results for “Aspirational Tuesday” will be out soon and hopefully the Coronavirus beings to calm down.

Listen to the full report below!


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